Hollywood trained and Silicon Valley refined!

I’m a filmmaker who over the past 11 years obsessed about how to tell stories through film that capture authentic human emotions. I learned the art of storytelling by working on Hollywood features including Iron Man 2, Bicentennial Man, Rent, Oceans 13 and Zathura.

I then got to move back home to my hometown, the city of San Francisco, where I refined my storytelling and production skills. Through this process, I’ve found creative workflows that allow emotionally engaging stories to come to life within the new digital video boom that has expanded content across websites, social media, blogs and more.

I believe that we are only in the first act of how brands leverage videos to achieve their business goals and know there are a lot more exciting ways to engage customers throughout the web, metaverse or wherever they may be.

Why Film

The power of filmmaking comes from capturing the full range of human emotions that showcase what makes this world beautiful as well as the conflicts we all face to achieve our goals. I believe that capturing these emotions all stems from how the film itself is made. Specifically the key is balancing safety with creative risk taking so that the process allows more magic beyond the storyboard to be captured but still grounds itself in a clear direction with a business objective.

This idea stemmed from my background in rowing. “Power Ten” was a phrase a coxswain yelled to remind everyone in the boat to come together and focus on only controlling what they could, which is the present stroke. Taking this approach led the team to an undefeated season climaxing with a Youth National Championship and Henley Royal Regatta victory.