Halo Neuroscience's Backstory

Two Sprinters
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Take Off


Halo Neuroscience needed to showcase their brand new technology that could increase athletic performance through neurological stimulation.

Target Audience

Athletes competing at the highest levels in the NFL, MLB, 2016 Rio Olympics and college arenas.


"Building a Champion" a series of documentaries that told the human story behind each athlete and how they became successful.


Two of us traveled to Arizona, Texas and California to capture interviews and b-roll with 3-5 additional local crew hired at each location. Footage was then handed to post team which included editor, sound mixer, colorist and composer.

Final Videos

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Additional Photos

Success Metrics

  • Campaign led to marketing team exceeding qualified lead goal allowing sales team to exceed revenue projections
  • Average video watch time 1:30 minutes
  • Photography and videos featured on Halo Neuroscience’s homepage and in national publications including Fortune, Inc., and ReadWrite
  • Videos paved the way for the launch of client’s second product in 2017

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