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Highlight the advantages of Basis’ new wearable technology.


When Basis was established in 2014, the market for wearable technologies, like Fitbit, was still nascent. The idea of wearing a device to monitor your heart rate, sleep, and other health metrics was met with skepticism, often likened to intrusive surveillance. Despite this, Basis set itself apart by addressing areas where many competitors struggled, utilizing superior sensors and algorithms for more accurate biometric data capture than Fitbit at the time. However, Basis faced challenges in brand recognition, leaving many consumers unaware of its position as the most advanced wearable technology provider in the market.


We initiated discussions with their Creative Director and Head of Marketing, and together we pinpointed three critical use cases where accurate data is indispensable: exercise, sleep tracking, and stress management. Our strategy evolved from highlighting features to showcasing real customers sharing the positive impacts of the product on their lives. We took the lead in scouting locations and assembling the production crew, ensuring everything was set for shooting and editing within three weeks, in time for the Black Friday sales.


We produced four videos for the company. Three videos highlighted individual customers and their specific use cases, while the fourth was a composite, intertwining all three stories to present a comprehensive overview. These videos were disseminated across social media platforms and the company’s website and also served as promotional material for investors as the company sought Series B funding.