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Produce high-quality, timeless photography to be leveraged in Fitbit’s new premium software offering.


The executives at Fitbit believed they were lagging behind our competitors, who were adopting premium software offerings more quickly than Fitbit. Working in house at the time and being part of the Design leadership, Richie collaborated with product and engineering teams to determine what version 1 needed to offer to provide our 50 million users with an experience they would enjoy. After two weeks of planning, we decided to launch twenty different two-month programs. My team would need to shoot the 200 photos for this project within two months to keep our launch on schedule.


To meet this tight timeline, Richie planned to leverage a combination of our internal interactive content team of 8 and additional contractors. Richie collaborated with legal and HR to create a brand-new contractor hiring workflow and recruited the 15 contractors needed for this project.

Additionally, since we did not have the budget to pay the 50 actors we wanted to use, we negotiated that each would receive a free Fitbit product and a one-year membership to the new offering. We were able to secure all the talent with this arrangement.


After 5 days, 10 locations, and 50 actors, I led the team that captured our 200 photo selects for Fitbit Premium.