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Expand GoPro’s market beyond extreme sport athletes to muscians.


Before the launch of the Hero 2 camera, GoPro had successfully established itself as a staple in the extreme sports category. However, its sales team struggled to convince others that their powerful camera could also serve other purposes.


At the time, we were working with musicians, and upon meeting GoPro’s VP of Sales for North America, we proposed that these cameras would be exceptional for live concert shoots. We introduced the idea of “GoPro Live” — marking the first time GoPros would be used exclusively to film a band.

We reached out to Owl City’s management team and presented the concept. They were enthusiastic and agreed to grant us all music publishing and master rights to make it happen at no cost.

Once we received the green light, 12 GoPros were delivered to my doorstep, and we were set for production.


At that time, GoPro’s best channel was their social media outlets, especially YouTube. We decided to create 3 music videos using exclusively live footage from the GoPros to be featured on their channels.