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Halo Neuroscience


Persuade professional athletes around the world to purchase the Halo Headset.


Halo Neuroscience had developed a groundbreaking product within a new vertical that utilized an electrical signal sent to the brain to significantly enhance performance. However, for this to be effective, it had to be used over multiple training sessions and extended periods.


Halo Neuroscience identified professional athletes as their ideal initial target market, as these individuals are constantly in search of advantages over their competitors and engage in consistent training.

We met with their head of marketing, and we immediately began strategizing with the sales team on which verticals showed the most promise and where they had connections. In 2016, targeting some of the Olympic athletes competing that year became a priority. We also identified the NFL, NBA, and other professional sports as prime targets for execution.


We created the ‘Building a Champion’ series, featuring a collection of customer stories from various athletes across these key market segments. We produced six videos across three states, leveraging a core team and engaging additional resources in each market.

We secured all locations for filming at no cost, including a private CrossFit gym. Halo Neuroscience also needed lifestyle and product photography, so we planned to capture 50 select photographs for them.