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La Perla


Attract millennial women in the United States and China to fall in love with La Perla.


Having been in existence for 60 years, La Perla was recognized by many baby boomers as producing some of the most well-crafted lingerie a woman could purchase. However, many millennials, having grown up in the era of Victoria’s Secret, assumed lingerie companies were more focused on exploiting an idea of beauty rather than empowering women. La Perla needed to demonstrate to millennials that lingerie could be empowering and that they had been championing this mission for the past half-century.


We collaborated with La Perla’s three main offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, as well as their major institutional investor who had agreed to fund part of this project. After conducting interviews with key executives and creative directors, the major themes that emerged were that their lingerie was fashionable, empowered femininity, and helped women embrace their seductiveness. Additionally, they wanted customers to know that their products were made in Italy by women in the factory, with every thread meticulously detailed and hand-touched.


We developed the “Fashion, Femininity, and Seduction” campaign and outlined four videos to highlight the facets of La Perla. The first video, “The Pearl,” would narrate the company’s history and its aspirations. The second video, “Start to Finish,” would showcase the handcrafted detail in every piece. The third video, “Magic,” would spotlight the world where the product is made. Lastly, “Eastern Seduction” would feature the Japanese-inspired fall 2014 line they were launching in the coming months.