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Pop Punk Park


Help bands connect to their fans during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


At the height of the pandemic, bands were forced to stop touring, leaving many struggling to maintain a connection with their audience and ensure their fans’ loyalty post-lockdown. Numerous musicians felt lost, anxious, and confused, struggling to envision content creation beyond social media posts.


We initiated contact with management teams to explore the possibility of collaborating with their artists to produce a YouTube series, which we would also promote on TikTok and Instagram. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Our vision was to create a documentary series offering an intimate glimpse into the artists’ lives and their pandemic-induced challenges.


The series premiered as a collection of 3-5 minute documentaries, each spotlighting a band. We conducted 2-3 hour interviews remotely, complementing these with photos and videos supplied by the bands. Following the release of the 12th episode, audience demand for a more immersive experience led me to organize bedroom concerts with some of the featured bands. This initiative evolved into a Discord community, serving as the epicenter for our weekly “Concerts and Conversations” events.