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Introduce audiences to the best new TV series shows of 2013.


Each year, Americans are presented with thousands of choices on what to watch every week. We needed to quickly attract eyeballs to these shows for them not only to be picked up but also to hopefully continue for many seasons. We needed a way to capture the essence of each show while only having access to top talent and showrunners for the 2-week production period during which all 7 shows were simultaneously being shot.


It became clear that we needed a solution that would be minimally invasive, allowing us to conduct interviews and capture b-roll quickly while still capturing the personalities and essence of every show. Additionally, previous video teams had been dismissed from sets after frustrating actors, so we needed to ensure we was virtually invisible to obtain all the necessary footage.

We collaborated with the Fox Marketing team and the producers of 7 productions to schedule interviews with over 30 A-list stars and showrunners, including Robin Williams, David E. Kelley, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Emma Roberts. We also coordinated travel for my crew and me to 14 locations.


After receiving news that two of the shows had been picked up to air, we created two videos for TV and digital stations, offering people a sneak peek behind the scenes and showcasing the personalities of the creators and actors who brought the shows to life.